Meet our Live Painting Artists

Stanley Agbotean

Stanley Agbontaen embodies a profound passion and unwavering dedication to his craft as an artist. His creative odyssey unfurls through the delicate interplay of his palette knives and the dynamic spectrum of oil paint. Additionally, he ventures into diverse mediums such as wood and mosaic, expanding the boundaries of his expression. Each of his artworks transcends mere composition, serving as portals into immersive, action-packed narratives, where every stroke pulsates with the vitality of the moment.

A man in a cap and glasses smiling at the camera with a colorful abstract painting in the background featuring yellow and orange tones.
An expressive, color-rich painting depicting four cellists immersed in their performance, marked by thick, textured brushstrokes and a vibrant cityscape backdrop.
By Stanley A
A painting of a city street with taxis and a capitol building.
By Stanley A
Abstract oil painting depicting a vibrant, colorful street scene with yellow vehicles, likely representing taxis, amidst a backdrop of urban architecture, rendered in broad, expressive strokes.
By Stanley A

Alexandra Slezak

Alexandra Slezak is a visual artist who has been painting for as long as she could hold a brush! Her versatile paintings reflect her joyous personality and love for nature. She currently works to bring art to the community through workshops, events, and public art in the DC metro area, where she was born and raised.

A woman gazes upwards with a pensive look, bathed in striking purple and green light: A Sip and Paint event in DC.
Textured painting depicting a landscape with blue sky and cloud formations above a dark hued mountain range, transitioning into a field of green at the foreground.
By Alexandra S
Colorful painting of a tropical beach with palm trees and a vibrant sunset sky featuring stylized clouds and a swirling sun.
By Alexandra S
Sip and paint event in Washington DC, painting twin yellow sunflowers against textured blue background.
By Alexandra S
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